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  1. W.660, fol. 2aW.660, fol. 1b


Walters Ms. W.660, Maritime atlas


Deniz atlası


This is an illuminated and illustrated maritime atlas, referred to as the Walters Deniz atlası. It is an early Ottoman atlas, perhaps dating to the tenth century AH / sixteenth CE. The work contains eight double-page charts executed on parchment. Four of the maps show the Mediterranean, Aegean, and Black seas. There is also a world map and a chart of the Indian Ocean. The various geographical names are written in black nastaʿlīq script. A distinguishing feature of this atlas is the detailed approach to representing such features as city vignettes.


Date 10th century AH / 16th CE

fol. 1b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 1b
  2. Title: Right half of a world map showing Africa and the Far East
  3. Form: Map

fol. 2a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 2a
  2. Title: Left half of a world map showing the Americas
  3. Form: Map

fol. 2b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 2b
  2. Title: Indian Ocean and South Asia
  3. Form: Map

fol. 3a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 3a
  2. Title: East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula
  3. Form: Map

fol. 3b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 3b
  2. Title: Eastern Mediterranean and the Caspian Sea
  3. Form: Map

fol. 4a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 4a
  2. Title: Western Mediterranean and Western Europe
  3. Form: Map

fol. 4b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 4b
  2. Title: France and northwestern Europe
  3. Form: Map

fol. 5a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 5a
  2. Title: Northwestern Europe and the British Isles
  3. Form: Map

fol. 5b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 5b
  2. Title: Western Mediterranean Sea with the coastlines of France and North Africa
  3. Form: Map

fol. 6a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 6a
  2. Title: Iberian Peninsula
  3. Form: Map

fol. 6b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 6b
  2. Title: Central Mediterranean and the coastline of Greece
  3. Form: Map

fol. 7a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 7a
  2. Title: Central Mediterranean with Italy and the Adriatic Sea
  3. Form: Map

fol. 7b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 7b
  2. Title: Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea
  3. Form: Map

fol. 8a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 8a
  2. Title: Southern Greece and the Aegean Sea
  3. Form: Map

fol. 8b: 

  1. W.660, fol. 8b
  2. Title: Black Sea and the Marmara
  3. Form: Map

fol. 9a: 

  1. W.660, fol. 9a
  2. Title: Western part of the Black Sea and the city of Istanbul