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Persian Translation of Istakhri's Book on Roads and Kingdoms, British Library


IO Islamic 1026


Digital Version: 

14th century

Tarjūmah-' al-Masālik wa al-Mamālik by Abū Isḥāq Ibrāhīm b. Muḥammad al-Fārisī
ترجومۀ المسالک والممالک

Persian adaptation of al-Istakhrī's al-Masālik wa'l-Mamālik
Map: Folio 3v: 'The Western Region', i.e.The Straits of Gibraltar, southern Spain (right) and North Africa (left). The sea is blue: town are circles of various colours and mountains are roughly triangular. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 8v: Egypt, showing the lower reaches and mouth of the Nile, Alexandria in the lower right hand corner. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 11v: Syria (Sham) showing the coast of Palestine, the Mountains of Lebanon, and the head of theRed Sea. The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee appear as blue circles near the top. Dimensions [written]: 20x12.5cm.
Map: Folio 17r: The Sea of Rum, i.e. The Mediterranean. On the left, the Nile Delta and Palestine; on the right, the southern coast of Asia Minor and Greece. The three islands in the middle are Sicily, Crete and Cyprus, and the Straits of Gibraltar are at the top. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 19r: The region of Jazira, that is, Mesopotamia, with Kufa in the top right hand corner and Armenia lower left. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 22r: Arab 'Iraq, with the Mouth of the Euphrates and the Persian Gulf (Darya-i Fars) at the bottom. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 25v: Khuzistan, with 'Abadan top left on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 28v: Fars, the Persian Gulf shown at the top: Shiraz and Isfahan are red circles, the former near the middle, and the latter in the lower right hand corner. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 43r: The District of Kerman, the Persian Gulf at the top, and the road to Marw and Balkh issuing from the bottom left hand corner. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 46r: Sind and part of India, the Persian Gulf at the top, into which flows the River Indus. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 49v: Armenia and Azarbayjan. Darband on the Caspian in the top right hand corner and Ardabil slightly right of centre at the junction of three roads. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 53r: Persian 'Iraq, the Caucasus at the top. Hamadan is shown just above and to the right of centre at the junction of roads, and Mt Damavand lower left. The Caspian Sea at the bottom. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 55v: The Caspian provinces. The Caspian Sea on the right with Darband in the upper right hand corner. The Alburz Mountains (Kūh-i Daylam) cross the map in a curve from top to bottom, with Mt Damavand to the left. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 59r: The Caspian Sea, depicted as circular, Mt Damavand above, and the Alburz range (Kuh-hai Daylam) below. Darband is the green circle to the left and Amul is near the right hand edge. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 62v: The area between Fars and Khurasan: Damghan is a red circle near the lower left hand corner and Isfahan another at the bottom edge towards the right. The Sistan lake appears upper left. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folio 65v: Sistan. The star-shaped form towards the top is Mt Ghur, with Herat as a red circle above and to the left of it. The borders of Hindustan are at the bottom and right. Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folios 70v - 71r: Khurasan. The right hand half of this map larfely duplicates the preceding: the river Jihūn (Oxus) crosses the top of the map. Nīshāpūr and Marv (both shown as green circles) are among the most important places on folio 71r. Each Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Map: Folios 78v - 79r: Central Asia: the Sea of Khwarazm lower right of f78v, and Samarqand a red circle, left of centre, below the blue-coloured 'Mountains of Bukhara'. Along the lower river on folio 79r is written: 'Territories of 'Abdullāh b. Ḥāmid', Each Dimensions [written]: 20x12cm.
Ethé, Hermann, and Edward Edwards. Catalogue of Persian Manuscripts in the Library of the India Office. Oxford: The India Office, 1903: no.707.