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Alexander Fidora: On the Epistemology of Prognostic Disciplines in the Latin Middle Ages. Erlangen, 2014. (The video can be uploaded via the link.)



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Alexander Fidora, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ERC Project: The Latin Talmud and its Influence on Christian-Jewish Polemic.



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Alexander Fidora, ICREA Research Professor, Autonomous University of Barcelona



Latin Translations of Works by al-Bitruji, Thabit b. Qurra and Abu Ma'shar in the British Library


Harley MS 1
c 1250 - c 1324

Miscellaneous treatises on astronomy, astrology, mathematics and geometry


The manuscript includes:

Table of contents, f. 1v;

Alpetragius (Abu Ishaq al-Bitruji al-Ishbili), De motibus caelorum (ff. 2r-15v); 

Thebit ben Corat, De hiis que indigent expositione antequam legatur Almagesti (ff. 16r-17r);

Thebit ben Corat, De figura sectore (ff. 17r-18v); 

Thebit ben Corat, De anno solis (ff. 19r – 22r); 

Albumasar, De floribus astrorum (ff. 24r-30v);

Albumasar, De revolutionibus annorum (ff. 31r-40v);

‘Practica geometriae’ (ff. 41r-46v); 

Petrus Philomena de Dacia, Expositio super Algorismum Iohannis de Sacro Bosco (ff. 47r-55v);

Robert the Englishman, Commentary on Iohannes de Sacro Bosco, Tractatus de sphaera (ff. 55v-63v);

Anonymous commentary on Iohannes de Sacro Bosco, Computus (ff. 64r-70v); 

William of Aragon, Commentary on pseudo-Ptolemy, Centiloquium (ff. 70v-79v); 

‘Ars algorismi de fractionibus’ (ff. 79v-80v);

Anonymous treatise on the soul (ff. 80v-85r);

John of Sicily, Scriptum super canones Arzachelis de tabulis Toletanis (ff. 86r-146r);

John de Jandun (?), Questio super epicyclis et eccentricis (ff. 146r-148v);

Questiones mathematicales, attributed to Iohannes de Sancto Amando (ff. 149r-160v).

A part of this manuscript (ff. 2r-46v) originally included a portion of Oxford, Corpus Christi College, MS 254, ff. 207r-212r.


Large puzzle initials in blue and red with pen-flourishing in the same colours (ff. 2r, 43r). Initials and paraphs in red or blue with pen-flourishing or penwork decoration in the other colour. Numerous marginal diagrams.


Harley MS 3631



Abu Ma'shar and Nicolaus of Cusa



Albumasar (Abu Ma‘shar Ja‘far), Works on astronomy


Albumasar (Abu Ma‘shar Ja‘far), Maius introductorium in scientia astrorum, translated by John of Seville (ff. 1r-57r);

Albumasar (Abu Ma‘shar Ja‘far), De magnis coniunctionibus, translated by John of Seville (ff. 58r-110r);

Albumasar (Abu Ma‘shar Ja‘far), De reuolutionibus annorum, translated by John of Seville (ff. 110r-111v);

Autograph mathematical notes of Nicholas of Cusa (f. 112r);